A time management tool for volunteers and non-profit communities

The Brief

Timecounts is an online management tool that helps organisers of non-profts and communities to plan activities and events for volunteers. The brief was to design a white-label framework for organisations to display their events, projects and information, and allow volunteers to sign up through the website quickly and easily. Working with existing brand guidelines, the aim was to create a series of page templates that could accomodate second party brand colours and imagery.


Working closely with the Timecounts team, we mapped out the site and journey for each section, and created a wireframe prototype to validate the content and UI. From there we started to apply rules with colour, iconography and layout to make the design more intuitive and personalised. Using the Malala fund as an example, we created key screens featuring the necessary responsive components in rapid sprints.

Page Builder

After creating the framework of each section, the task was then to design a customisable page builder that would enable organisations to quickly and easily build their community pages applying colour, imagery and iconography to add a distinctive brand feel. This included a series of page builder components where layout could be tweaked to suit the content, as well as some suggested colour palettes to get less established organisations started easily.


The final deliverables were a series of key screens for desktop and mobile that effectively met the requirements of the brief and felt engaging, flexible and customisable for third parties without losing the overall brand feel of Timecounts.

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