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A selection of past projects, commissions, ideas and concepts

Wallpaper* Icons at Harrods

I was commissioned by Wallpaper* Magazine to create 86 icons for the Handmade Exhibition with Jaguar at Harrods. The exhibition consists of crafted one-off designer items of furniture, fittings, fashion and more. The brief was to design bespoke icon illustrations for each piece in the exhibition to be displayed on the windows of Harrods in white vinyl, acting as a ‘key’ for referencing each item.

Colourful Music

‘Colourful Music’ is a concept that combines visual and audible media, and explores our potential to interpret music as a visual language. The aim of the concept was to introduce an easy, visually stimulating system that teaches musical elements using simple interactive exercises. Using colourful stickers on the keyboard, and linking it with a simple yet intuitive interface, a visually stimulating platform for learning the basics of musical notation was created.

Social Pixels

As our world moves increasingly towards digital communication through the internet, face to face communication may become rare. This may call for products which physically connect people through the internet. Social Pixels is a concept project that addresses concerns relating to social interaction and the internet. The final outcome communicates the idea of being able to ‘talk through touch’ using the internet, visualising how such a system would work using interactive models and print based solutions. The project considers both the applications and implications of such technology, as well as the physical and social effects it could have on peoples lives.

MasterPass Mobile Payments

The brief was to help redefine and simplify MasterCards mobile web and mobile app payment experiences. Working closely with the UX team at Great Fridays, we explored new journeys and interactions which informed the visual design solutions. We then defined a style for the Android app, and explored how the online wallet system could look. The result was a set of flows showing payment methods from tap-and-pay, to scanning QR codes from a desktop screen, and additional app functionality such as settings and updating address information.

Digital Growth

Digital Growth is a concept that combines nature and technology to create a dynamically changing digital plant with the ability to grow in homes of the future and react uniquely to the user’s actions. The growth rate, colour and shape of the plant would be directly linked to the efficiency and lifestyle of the residents in each home. It can therefore behave as a monitor of energy consumption by individuals or households at a time when minimising living costs will be essential.

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