Responsive Icons

Adaptive, future-proof iconography for the modern web


Responsive Icons is a project that explores scalable iconography. The concept interrogates the varying complexity of symbols used on devices, and aims to find the perfect balance of simplicity in relation to screen size. By creating a simple prototype to showcase the idea, it has become a platform for new thinking in responsive design. Visit the link below and scale your browser window to see the concept in action.


The project received a lot of exposure after launch, gaining 20,000 hits on it’s first day. The project was written about in Smashing Magazine, UX Mag, Designmodo and other articles, and sparked debate within the design community regarding the use of responsive elements such as icons on websites of the future. Additionally, I was asked to speak at the Future of Web Design conference in London, giving me a chance to present my workings and thoughts to fellow creatives.

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