Documenting an 8 month journey around South America


The name Hiato is the Spanish translation of Hiatus, meaning a pause or short break. Hiato is a visual documentation of an 8 month trip around South America, undertaken with my girlfriend and fellow designer Stef Hacking. As designers it was important for us to keep a record of the inspiration, culture and natural wonders we spotted during our travels.


The site acts as a visual log of the inspiring and eye-opening places we visited along the way through photography, video and notes. Using a 11” Macbook air, a GoPro Hero+ and an Olympus OMD EM-10 and a large hard drive, we created a system of documentation whilst taking the long journeys from place to place. The challenge was to keep track of things with limited (and often no) internet, so backing up files and taking notes on the go were essential parts of the process.


The result was a blog that fully documented our experiences of South America through a range of media, using video and looping GIFs to capture what pictures often could not. The trip was a true inspiration to our design careers, and has given us fresh ideas and momentum for which to apply to future design projects.

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