Experian Footfall

A data visualisation platform to measure complex shopping behaviours


Experian Footfall is a service that helps retailers increase revenue by analysing pedestrian activity in retail spaces. By tracking peoples movement in and out of shops, whilst considering other market trends and environmental factors such as weather, valuable data can be generated. The brief was to redesign the FootFall experience for their online service, reimagining and refreshing brand elements, UI design and infographics to make it as simple and intuitive to use as possible.

Agency: Great Fridays


We refreshed and updated the Experian online brand to a more current web-friendly style, refining typography, colour and UI elements. Working closely with UX and development teams we produced a high fidelity responsive prototype containing a customisable dashboard, performance widgets, a profile page and reports area. Each component displayed complex infographics and data in easy-to-understand ways that were flexible and cohesive. We also produced a living UI kit to aid the implementation.


The final delivery was a flexible, customisable and future-proof design system that allowed Experian to develop a platform for all their customers needs. We supplied a full brand UI kit, components and working prototypes to facilitated the build of a powerful data visualisation and reporting tool that is still used by Experian today. The results proved that complex data can be designed simply and intuitively across different devices, making it more efficient to communicate Footfall trends and reports within businesses and beyond.

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