Pearson Texas
Online Sampling

A responsive website for teachers and students to sample maths and science programs.

About the project

The brief was to design and build an online sampling website for Pearson to allow teachers and students to preview Texas specific Maths and Science programs. The website had to work on desktop, tablet and mobile, and feature a sample viewer capable of displaying pdf, video and interactive content. As the lead visual designer I was responsible for designing and presenting concepts for the client. The challenge lay in catering for a number of Pearson stakeholders who all had varying requirements for their specific programs.

The Result

My role included the entire website design as well as creating additional guidelines, asset kits, and a 'take a tour' video'. Being lead meant critiquing all front-end development work, giving visual feedback wherever necessary to ensure the build matched the design. I created all the retina-sized image assets, applying rules to photography and illustration to achieve maximum consistency. After going through an agile and prototype-heavy process, and working closely with the UX and development team throughout, we produced a fully responsive, highly polished website that exceeded the clients expectations.

Created at Great Fridays.

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